About Flu and the workplace:

About Flu and the Workplace:

About 20% of Australians are affected by influenza each year, so it’s likely that at least some of your employees will be affected.

Influenza can be debilitating, not only for individuals and their families who contract it but also for the organisations they work for.

People with influenza may need to take up to six days off work, which can impact on their productivity during and after the illness, as well as the productivity of colleagues who need to cover their workload. This can be compounded considering the infectious nature of the flu and the number of workers who may be affected as a result of flu circulating through a workplace.

When someone who has influenza sneezes, coughs or even talks, the virus is expelled into the air and may be inhaled by anyone close by. The flu is highly contagious with children being a major transmitter of the virus. B.B. Moore confirms influenza can survive for:

  • An hour or more in the air in enclosed environments
  • More than eight hours on hard surfaces such as stainless steel and plastic
  • Up to five minutes on the hands after transfers from other surfaces.

There are many benefits in providing an on-site corporate flu vaccination program for your employees, including the likelihood of reduced sick days and a smaller, less negative impact on workplace productivity.


The benefits for companies vaccinating healthy adult workers is that workplace vaccinations can reduce the number of employee sick days and has been shown to be cost saving for companies across a range of industries. Workplace vaccination programs are estimated to result in a significant return on investment, particularly during a severe influenza season or pandemic.

It has been reported 161% return on employer’s investment can be achieved with regular annual flu vaccinations in the workplace.

Our workplace flu clinic can be offered in two ways:

  1. We can send our immunization team to you at your workplace at a date and time that is convenient to you, but we do require a minimum of 6 employees for this option.
  2. We can send you prepaid vouchers for you to provide to employees and they can attend the clinic at a date and time that is convenient to them.

We are open 7 days a week which allows flexibility for employees to attend.

The influenza vaccination is 70–90% effective in preventing influenza specific illness in healthy adults The strains of flu may vary each year so for continued protection annual vaccination is required. Protection develops about two weeks after receiving the influenza vaccine and lasts about one year.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends which strains are included in the flu vaccine each year. The flu season begins each year around the beginning of March.
The flu vaccine will be available at our clinic from the 1st of April.

To book in your workplace for vaccination please call or email our friendly reception staff to be advised on what days and times we have currently scheduled so that we can find something that suits you and your business.

We suggest having information on how many employees you require to be vaccinated with you when you contact us, as stated above we do require a minimum of 6 employees for our vaccination team to come to you.