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Docker Street Medical Centre

53 Docker Street Wangaratta Victoria 3677

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South Wangaratta
Medical Centre

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Appointments can be made via phone or in person with one of our reception team. Standard consultations are in 15 minute intervals and long consultations are allocated 30 minutes.

• Appointments can also be made online and via your mobile phone (see instructions at bottom right corner of this page).

• We make every effort to ensure clients are seen on their preferred day and with your doctor of choice. Please bring your Medicare Card to every appointment.

• Provisions are made in our appointment system for emergency consultations.

• Specific issues such as complex medical examinations, health assessments, care plans and surgical procedures require a long appointment. If you are unsure how much time you need, please enquire with reception at the time of booking.

• Please advise your doctor at the start of your consultation if you have several matters you wish to discuss. You may be asked to book a further appointment at a later stage if you have multiple requests/problems which cannot be dealt with in one consultation.

• We understand your time is valuable and will make every effort to ensure your waiting time is kept to a minimum. Sometimes, general practice is unpredictable and urgent medical needs will be given priority.

Contacting the practice and after hours

•Our doctors may be contacted during normal practice opening hours. If the doctor is in consultation, a message will be taken and our receptionist will advise you when it is likely that the doctor will return your call. Emergency calls will always be put through to a doctor.

• In order that we are able to contact you, please ensure we have your correct telephone numbers and address also that the details of your nominated Next of Kin are current.

Our practice provides 24/7 care to our patients. If you require attention when our practice is closed, please call 0402 647 739 and our on-call doctor will provide advice, or attend to you as necessary.
 In a medical emergency, call for an Ambulance on “000”.

Results, referals and repeat prescriptions

Your doctor will advise when results are expected to arrive at the practice. Please make an appointment to correspond with this time.

• We believe it is good medical practice to make an appointment for the issue of repeat prescriptions or referrals to specialists and allied health professionals. There may be out of pocket expenses for consultations with specialists.

•All conditions requiring regular, ongoing medication need to be reviewed and monitored to confirm the need for ongoing treatment. The amount of medication and number of prescription repeats provided is at the discretion of your doctor and in line with guidelines for responsible prescribing.

Privacy and your information

The provision of quality health care requires a doctorpatient relationship of trust and confidentiality. This Practice protects your personal health information to ensure it is only available to authorised members of staff, for intended persons and to comply with the Privacy Act.
Our clinic adheres to the highest standards in security of storage and transmission of health records.

Recalls and reminders

•Our practice is committed to preventative care and patients will be offered ‘screening medical examinations’ for early detection of serious medical conditions such as diabetes, asthma, cervical cancer (via Pap smears) and other chronic medical conditions.

•From time to time, you may receive a reminder notice for preventative health services appropriate to your care. If you do not wish to be part of this service, please advise your doctor or one of our receptionists and asked to be removed from our reminder system.

Complaints and feeback

• Your feedback, both positive and negative is an invaluable communication tool and is used to improve our practice and our provision of service.

• We strive to improve for your benefit, please direct any queries or complaints to our Practice Manager. • If you have a complaint you wish to take further you may contact:
Office of the Health Services Commissioner Phone: 8601 5200 or toll free 1800 136 066